How to Transfer Your Broker License

Instructions on transferring your Washington state real estate estate broker or managing broker license from your existing brokerage to your new brokerage.

Not licensed yet?

How to Apply for a Real Estate Broker License
Separate License
Log into DOL and separate from your current brokerage
Accept Invite
Your new firm adds your license and you approve.
MLS Transfer(s)
Your new firm processes MLS and/or CBA transfers.

Step 0.
Log into DOL via SAW

Log in to your Secure Access Washington (SAW) account, which you should have for your driver's license.

Click "Access Now" on Professional and Business Licensing.

Add Professional and Business Licensing

If you do not see this service, click "Add Service"

Select from a list of services by name.

Scroll down to Professional and Business Licensing and click Add. It must start with the word "Professional"

Link your Professional License

Once you have accessed Professional and Business Licensing, click "Link License" and follow the prompts.

Note: you can find your broker license number by searching by your current name on DOL License Lookup.

Step 1.
Separate your license on DOL

You should now see your license number in the bottom left corner. Click on this number.

Now scroll down and you should see your license number with a checkbox on the left.

Click the checkbox, then click Separate License on the right.


If you haven't updated your fingerprints in the last six years, you will be stuck in inactive mode until they are updated.

You can schedule a time to get fingerprints here.

Once you do your fingerprints, it will take at least one week before they are registered with the Department of Licensing.

Step 2.
Accept Invitation to Join

Your new firm adds your license on their end, and you receive an invitation to join.

You can find the invitation by clicking "Home" in the top left corner while you are logged in.

Click "Accept" and you're done!

Step 3.
Your new office does the rest

NWMLS Office Transfer

If you are a member of NWMLS, your new firm will submit a transfer request with your LAG number.

If your previous broker has already removed you on NWMLS this will be instant, otherwise it can take up to 24 hours for NWMLS to verify the DOL info.

Note: be sure to double check your auto fill information on your first offer. For listings, if your NWMLS email does not match your Zillow profile, your listing may not populate.

CBA Office Transfer

If you're a member of the Commercial Broker Association (CBA)—useful if you list commercial properties—your new firm can transfer you by submitting a roster change firm.

Firm-Licensee Agreement

Your new firm will send you paperwork for signing.

At Pellego, we send you a DocuSign packet which includes a credit card form (so we get paid), direct deposit and W9 forms (so you get paid), and an optional order form for signs and cards.