Videos and screenshots are for old version. The concepts are the same, but the user interface is different.

Export Analysis

If you have an agent pro account, you can export your flip analysis as a PDF or as a spreadsheet formatted to download as a PDF.

When you export your analysis as a spreadsheet, Pellego creates a custom Google Sheet with your unique comps, numbers, notes, and contact information.

When you export your analysis as a PDF, Pellego creates the same spreadsheet, and then downloads it as a PDF with each table becoming a page in the PDF.

Because the PDF is based on the spreadsheet, the rest of this guide will be about the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet is divided into four tabs: Summary, Comps, Rehab, and Costs.

You can edit any part of any tab except the disclaimer in the footer. However, unless you are proficient with spreadsheets, we recommend only editing the highlighted cells, checkboxes, and drop downs.

|   ARV - Profit - Acquisition Costs - Rehab Costs - Carrying Costs - Selling Costs = Purchase Price


The summary tab pulls information from the other tabs. It includes three photos, a map, an editable notes section, high level numbers, and a table of comps.


If you are not already familiar with how Pellego's adjusted values, please read Comp Analysis first.

The comps table pulls your first six comps on Pellego, along with the adjusted value breakdown for each one. You can edit the value adjustments add more adjustments, and set how much weigh to give each comp's adjusted value.

As you make these changes, the spreadsheet will keep track of your ARV in the Costs tab.


The rehab tab displays up to 10 photos and a rehab calculator broken down by category and line item.

Because Pellego's website currently only supports a total rehab budget, the rehab line items in the spreadsheet begin blank.


The cost tab includes everything from Pellego's online Flip Analysis, along with a customizable best case, worst case, and expected case carrying time.

Download Spreadsheet as PDF

Because each tab (table) of the spreadsheet is formatted with 8.5x11 dimensions, you can download it from Google Drive at any time by selecting File > Download > As PDF.