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Available in Western Washington, the California Bay Area, the Greater LA Metro, and Southern Florida

Identify upside

Find more deals in less time with flip and rental search.

Analyze every deal

Filter the MLS by estimated investment returns, re-calculated hourly with Pellego's comp analysis and deal templates.

Search your strategy

Display listings as flips or rentals. Set multiple locations. Look for unfinished square feet and underutilized zoning.

Leapfrog Busy Work

Pull property details, renovated comps, and pre-filled flip and rentals models with one search.

Instant investor context

Generate, edit, and save deal sheets, pre-filled with Pellego's initial flip and rental estimates and templates.

Start with renovated comps

Review renovated comps and an estimated after repair value (ARV), based on modeling tens of thousands of historical flips.

Track the bottom line

Adjust financing terms, carrying time, and any input to see the affect on profit, ROI, COC, and other investment metrics.

Included in ARV
Excluded from ARV
Comparable Analysis
Comp Score
3621 S Cushman Ave
Comp 1
Sold Jan 2018
$ 256,000
This comp was a
Has Garage (1 Car)
+ $19,000
Smaller Structure (65 Sqft)
- $11,000
More Baths (0.75 Bath)
+ $8,000
Adjusted Value
$ 238,000

Uncover Opportunity

Turn your comps and rehab plans into detailed valuations.

Consider your comps

Use Pellego's initial comps and ARV or calculate a new ARV based on your custom comp search and selections.

Analyze like an appraiser

Breakdown the value of differences between the subject house and its comps. Account for an extra garage, different market conditions, etc.

Explore value adds

Explore the ARV potential of a finished basement or an extra bathroom. Or get new construction comps, optimized for your lot size.

Execute Brilliantly

Edit and track your flip and rental assumptions. from start to finish.


Dive below the surface

Add or edit any cost as a specific dollar value or as a calculation based on other assumptions.

Ballpark your rehab costs

Choose between five property-specific scopes of work, instantly generated for any address.

Save your analysis

Save any property with your unique selection of comps, structure edits, and financial analysis.

Stay ahead of the market

Get alerts on your saved deals when Pellego identifies new comps or updates is rent estimates.

And other investor features

Specify financing terms

Adjust hard money loan terms for flips. Adjust mortgage or refi terms for rentals.

Account for time

Track carrying time and costs, such as insurance, utilities, taxes, etc.

Know your number

Calculate your max allowable offer based on your target profit or ROI.

Weigh each strategy

Save your deal with separate renovation budgets for flip versus rental analysis.

Visualize rental profits

Set rent and value appreciation schedules. See cash flow and equity over time.

Predict seller motivation

See the probability of any sales price, so you can be competitive without over paying.

Loan History

See loan and sales history. See permits, liens, and more.

Street view

See Google Street View on property pages. Go full screen without leaving the page.

See comp before photos

See before photos on MLS-flipped comps, alongside purchase price and carrying time.

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Tatiana Gershanov
CFO, Sound Housing

We use Pellego all the time. Recently we bought a great property that a Pellego agent identified for us. The buying process with Pellego was a breeze and it was great pleasure working with them. We will definitely buy more with their help!

Ian Morell
CEO, Caliber Real Estate

We were floored... I highly recommend Pellego to anyone who likes immediate gratification and who does not have hours in their day to spend look at each and every home on the market.

Gary Pryde
Broker + Property Manager

I expect we will see Pellego as the standard by which great companies are compared in the near future. Thank you Pellego for all you do to make Real Estate Investing better than it used to be.

TJ Ruizo
CEO, Ruizo Homes

I have been using Pellego since I was introduce to it and it has been amazing so far to my experience. From running comps to finding out my estimated profit with all expenses accounted for at closing… I've flipped 23 houses last year.”

Christine Kwon
Manager at ROCK PI

There are so many cool functions on the site that many people might not know about... We recommend all the investors to use this site to find and to analyze deals.

Jan Wanot
WA Real Estate Investing

Pellego!!! That should be the first website any wholesaler checks when evaluating a deal. It is literally the fastest way to perform due diligence on a rehab... No I was not paid to say this, I seriously love and use the website almost daily.

Ryan Gibson
CIO, Spartan Investment Group

Pellego is an enormous time saver. It's great to see more deals in less time and keep my focus on taking action and making offers.

Davey Wilde
Manager, DW Homebuyers

I use Pellego to comp every property! It's a huge time saver for me because it allows me to… give them a ballpark range of what I can offer for their property. It takes less than a minute to get a range of the ARV/rehab/profit.